The SCONE DEX decentralized exchanges do not require users to trust them with their money: user’s wallet is not controlled by a single entity. Orders are digitally signed directly by owners, as an authorization process. Users control their funds, but on-chain trading has the side effect of not real-time trading as at a centralized exchange.

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Sport Assets trading on SCONE DEX Exchange

With SCONE DEX investors can buy and sell sports teams and athletes tokens , just like traditional stocks. Sports Assets trading is a mix of sports betting and standard financial trading, even though sports trading sounds like a new concept to many bettors, it is actually something that has been around for several years now. This interesting combo of sports betting and trading is the perfect way of earning good profits on your favourite sports teams or Athlete. As complicated as sports trading sounds, it is actually very easy to understand and start practising. Sportcash One Token will have a central position in the DEX , all assets listed in the dex will be exchanged versus our native token SCOneX.

Anchoring sports at the center of society as its core organizing principle

The socially beneficial union of sports, money and public interest in the form of regulated financial products, envisions a brand new ecosystem that will lead to meaningful job creation, significant economic growth and increased tax revenues based on sports as an asset class, and delivers educational reform through sports, first by advancing financial literacy and then making sports the core of all education.

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What is Sportcash One DEX?

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a peer-to-peer (p2p) online service that allows direct cryptocurrency transactions between two interested parties.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are aimed at solving problems that are inherent in centralized exchanges. They create p2p markets directly on the blockchain, which allows traders to independently store and operate funds. Users of such exchanges can make transactions with cryptocurrencydirectly between each other — i.e., without third-party involvement.

Sportcash One Custom Wallet provides a decentralized exchange (DEX) build in Waves Platform Blockchain , which allows trading different Sports assets back and forth between users, as a traditional exchange, with stronger security guarantees to end users due to its decentralized nature

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