In modern sport, it is often the financial side that draws equal attention to the action itself. Sponsorship, advertising and complicated contracts are just as important as the action on the field. As the stakes continue to rise, it can be difficult for young athletes to break through without exceptionally high levels of financial backing. Sportcash One  are an innovative new company looking to remove these monetary barriers through new Blockchain technologies.

Through an online campaign, guided by Sportcash One staff, she is able to crowdfund enough SportcashOne tokens (SCONE) to exchange into dollars, attend the tournament and contribute to her ‘rising star’ status

For too long, the established sports media industry has collected massive revenue from pushing ads on the one billion sports fans who make an astounding 8.5 billion visits to a wide variety of digital sports media sources.

Born out of the passion for sports, Sportcash One is here to provide a bold new media platform, an interactive way for fans to participate in the massive sports industry. We see an opportunity for everyone involved to take to the field and share a piece of the action

By applying decentralized and transparent technology, Sportcash One will enable fans worldwide to share and engage with sports media in an exciting and rewarding way.

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