Sportcash One is a content platform for sports and e-sports lovers that offers a crowdfunding and social networking donation system such as like, comment, share, discuss information, upload photos, watch and comment on videos, users can earn SCOneX coins through their interaction on our social network. The user makes a first registration, defines the sports he likes and defines his profile, within the platform users can search or create events, meet people, engage in groups and participate in online chat.

Crowdfunding is not a new concept, but it is the most affordable and has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to the internet and the blockchain system that have made it easy and simple.
Sportcash One crowdfunding platforms are designed to bring together athletes, fans, teams and sponsors to expand sports presence around the world. So many athletes, amateur or professional, are being funded and can raise the money they need to compete. Athletes work closely with Sportcash One to launch their campaign, where they share on other social networks with fans, friends, family and new contacts to raise funds for training, purchase of equipment, competition fees, among other projects. The athlete defines his campaign and develops a dissemination strategy. Each campaign features photos and videos of your work and may have customized rewards, depending on the amount you raise.

Sportcash One’s difference is the integration of the platform with social networks. Through it, the athlete can receive income, mail, talk to other athletes and exchange messages with sponsors. They can receive funds in three ways: deposit by direct donation, investment in a specific project or collection through the purchase of products or services, where.
This new sponsorship model can be a great addition or even the athlete’s total need and allows athletes to reach their fans. It also allows athletes or clubs to get a boost in their project with the additional support of fans and brands.

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