Drawing from the study of a charity retail organisation, the finds that within incumbent business models, blockchain’s potential for value creation and capture arises from enabling more efficient transactions and from creating the mechanisms to support new forms of transactions embodying new value propositions. The analysis also highlights the role that the blockchain technology has in delivering such value: strengthening trust, demonstrating accountability, and support decentralisation of selected central management activities.

One of the significant innovations that came out of Bitcoin is the blockchain technology can be leveraged in the philanthropic sector, through charitable donation services in fiat currency or Cryptopcurrency like SportCash One via a web-based donor platform. The philanthropic model is then used for a case study providing humanitarian aid for a Athlete , Association community living in a challenging geographical environment with limited internet availability .


Eco-projects will be able to receive donations from all around the world with low commission and fast payment, an easy way to send and receive charity funds with Sportcash One, secured by a transparent blockchain system.
Our community will vote the Best Project to be funded every quarter of a year.This charity program contains the following parts :

– A community voting option, clients of our platform can vote to add their own supported project of choice to receive fundings
– Participate and do voluntary tasks for eco-projects
– Sponsoring and donations for special eco-campaigns

Over the past years, blockchain, a new technology emerging in the last decade to support Bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency, has developed a reputation for representing the next Internet, a transformative technology enabling organisations to fundamentally change how they create and capture value . Blockchain is a distributed ledger of economic transactions which is both transparent and, in principle, incorruptible

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