It’s happened! After miners voted overwhelmingly to approve the feature, we now have the first phase of smart contracts available to users.

We are very pleased to announce that smart accounts have been activated on Waves MainNet!

This has been one of the most hotly-anticipated features to be implemented on Waves Platform, and miners voted quickly and decisively for it. As of block #1,190,000, the first phase of Waves smart contracts is available.

Developers can set up smart accounts using the RIDE IDE. This will enable you to implement various kinds of account controls, including multi-sig addresses, token freezing, atomic swaps, voting and Oracles. This will not only make the platform more secure and flexible, providing additional tools for businesses and end users, but also offers entirely new use cases and scope for powerful decentralised applications. We hope to see some of these launched in due course as developers start to play with the new functionality offered by Waves!

Our developer advocate Inal Kardanov has made a number of tutorials to help you use smart contracts:

Enjoy! Our next task is to implement Turing Complete smart contracts, using a new approach and language we believe will be more safe and secure than Ethereum’s smart contracts. We’ll keep you posted — until then, Ride on Waves!

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