A few months ago, our world had a disaster called the corona virus (COVID-19).

As a lover of outdoor sports, my activities stopped.

Trying to do it from home is not very comfortable for me.

But I won’t give up.


After spending a lot of time at home, reading articles, searching for news on the internet, and monitoring social life around me. Finally, I decided to do sports activities outside the home on a limited basis.

Yes, I take my dirt bike to the mountains, work on my response, work my muscles, and hone my skills.


During that time I avoided interacting with a lot of people.

Because I think that in a healthy soul there is a strong body.

If I stay at home for a long time, my soul will be sick.

If my soul is sick, then my immune system decreasing … and I will easily be infected by any virus.

So, here I am now with the conditions:

I stay healthy

I stay strong

I’m still skilled


However, one day our bodies will be infected by the virus, but before that happens we have to boost our immune system. Then we’ll be fine.

Covid-19 is real

Covid-19 is dangerous

But we shouldn’t be afraid to face it, because we are human beings who have the ability to survive.


Greetings from Indonesia.

Pandu Kelana

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