For athletes and sports teams alike, getting a sports sponsorship deal is a huge accomplishment. It means someone is willing to invest in your future. Whether you’re looking for money or product donations, there are companies that sponsor athletes. 

But finding the right sponsorship? That can be a real challenge. Fortunately for young athletes and youth sports teams, the help of sports sponsorship agencies can make things easier.

If you’re hoping to answer your questions on ‘how to get sponsorship for sports’ you’ve come to the right place! But before anything else, let’s discuss what sponsorships means today. 

What Are Sports Sponsorships

A sponsorship, nowadays, is defined as the association between a company and an athlete or sports club with the aim of exchanging access to new audiences for financial support.

For instance, if a sports brand decides to offer a youth sport sponsorship for a local team, their logos or color schemes will be incorporated into the team’s uniforms. Aside from this, the brand is anticipated to also be featured in marketing collaterals for games or other sporting events involving the team! 

Recent trends in the sports industry have made sponsorships a powerful sports marketing technique. This is because it helps both parties, athletes or teams get the chance to improve their brand image while brands are given access to prospect customers! 

How to Find A Sponsor

Ultimately, the search for sponsors should not be taken lightly. It’s important for you to understand that businesses invest on these deals, allowing them to have high expectations when it comes to ROIs. 

Before anything else, the first step to getting sponsored is discussing the type of deal you want to gain! 

Think About the Type You Want

The decision-making process isn’t always easy in choosing the right sponsor as there are multiple things you need to consider. First, your team must look into the different sponsorships offered today and discuss which type you’ll be aiming for.

The most common deals are; title sponsor, main sponsor, official sponsor, official partner and technical partner.

One great example of the coveted title sponsor is Real Madrid’s deal with Adidas. The team can expect to receive over $100 million dollars a year from their main sponsor Adidas. And while it may be true that it’s a pretty great deal for the team, it also means they’d have to produce large numbers for the giant sports brand.

For a lot of sports sponsorship companies, it makes more sense to go smaller and to target a specific niche area. For example an official partner is usually a partner in a specific niche or industry. An example could be Visa being the financial official partner of a sports team.

Many sponsorships give players and teams money or pay for a portion of your travel, training, and operational costs. Start thinking about the type of sports team sponsorship you want right now! Remember, sponsors like athletes and teams that can promote their business in return. Make sure you’re actively promoting yourself or your team before looking for sponsors.

Choose the Right Sponsor

When you go for a sports sponsorship, you are serving two different audiences moving forward. From now on, you’ll have to keep your audience as well as your sponsors happy. Sponsors want a positive ROI. They want airtime and they want to speak and engage with your audience.

You will also need to make sure the content your sponsors are delivering is valuable for your audience, or you might lose some of your sport fans. This is definitely something you should think about as well. If you have difficulties doing this yourself, you can always use sports sponsorship agencies.

Reach Out for a Potential Sponsors

The hardest part of getting a sports team sponsorship is reaching out to potential sponsors. Marketing yourself or your team is tough. But the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get the sponsorship you’re looking for. If you’re yet to have a list of potential sponsors, now’s the right time to look for them!

Check out company websites and look for contacts from their sponsorship marketing or PR departments. If you’re unable to look for them online, reach out to their customer service! This step is much easier for smaller businesses as their owners are more likely accessible. 

Assigning someone to this position is a great idea as it allows athletes to focus on their game while still being able to look for sponsors!

In case you already have a business in mind, explain to the prospective sponsor why you’re the best choice. Share your passion for their brand and discuss how they can help your team alleviate your needs!

Sponsorship Begins with Marketing

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