Sports Influencers, for definition. New digital touchpoints, for vision.

Capable of attracting people, their data and any other information about themselves. It will no longer be just branding, awareness, the photo with the champion. It will be a structured strategy, by definition.

For brands, pursuing a professional athlete as a celebrity endorser is an appealing venture for many reasons. Sports in general appeal to a very large and diverse audience, primarily comprised of a male demographic brands yearn to engage with.

Not only is the reach significant and pervasive amongst various demographics, but sports fans are also extremely passionate and often have strong emotional ties to their preferred sports teams and favorite players.  In this blog, we looks at how athlete brand celebrity endorsers make a positive impact to a brand’s awareness levels regardless of their being in the game or sidelined.

Massive Sports Appeal Means Prime Exposure

As indicated by every single week’s Nielsen ratings, sports programming tends to dominates all other programming. Over and over again MLB playoffs and NFL games significantly outperform that of current drama and reality TV shows.

The Super Bowl commands the highest media buy as it is notorious for dominating ratings, each year building upon the previous, with its’ highest viewership numbers ever staggering

Reaping The Benefits

There are many positive associations that come with an athlete endorsement partner: Loyal, team-oriented, hard-working, charitable, a once-underdog to success story, etc. Not only does enlisting the talent of a professional athlete as a brand ambassador create exposure for the brand, but that brand can take on the athletes’ positive associations over time. The only real risks a brand faces with an athlete are similar to those of any celebrity endorser should potential negative behavior by the celebrity directly rub off on the brand’s image.

But let’s look at what happens when the athlete gets injured, taking them off the field. Does the endorsement end badly for the brand? Not necessarily. Even when a sports figure is sidelined by injury, the brand can win – as the athlete actually has more time to participate in endorsement activities.

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