As the third biggest city in Ohio, Cincinnati is a lively city filled with rich culture. It’s home to the Ohio River and the second-oldest zoo in the USA, among other attractions. Owing to the historical area — slaves crossed the Ohio River to attain independence in Cincinnati — and one-of-a-kind culture, there’s always something to do in Cincy.

1. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Cincinnati’s 74-acre zoo and botanical garden is a prevalent spot to take visitors, and for a good reason. Peacocks roam free across the grounds, the Festival of Lights brightens the whole property with dozens of colorful Christmas lights in the winter, and households can feed a few of the creatures, from giraffes to camels, or even have a tour to the small state trail which snakes its way around the website. Know the best flight fares and travel deals at American Airlines Reservations website.

2. Newport Southbank Bridge

The Newport Southbank Bridge, colloquially Called the purple People Bridge,”’ provides Ohioans with a shortcut to Kentucky. People can start the 2,670-foot travel in Cincinnati and eliminate another side of this Bridge in Newport, Kentucky. To add historical importance to the walk, the Bridge spans across the Ohio River, which many slaves crossed to escape the slave state of Kentucky and input the free state of Ohio.

3. Segway Tour

Segway tours are becoming an ever more common method to browse around Cincinnati without needing to manage the bother of urban visitors or the tiring choice of walking across the whole city. People participating in the excursions get a brief lesson about safely operating a Segway before going on a guided tour of the town.

4. Graeter’s

All of Cincinnati residents understand that Graeter’s is a go-to destination for out-of-towners. Its habit, handmade ice cream, is a one-of-a-kind devotion, along with its creamy black raspberry chocolate chip plus abundant mint processor are testament to this. Along with serving tasty ice cream, Graeter’s supplies its clients with numerous flavors of gelato, milkshakes, and various desserts.

5. Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Art Museum is home to a remarkably extensive artwork and sculpture collection from several distinct cultures and periods. The memorial is a feast for the eyes in an instant you walk — appear, and you’re going to see the gorgeous blue Chihuly glass sculpture hanging from the ceiling. Visitors may also stop in the beautiful terrace cafe for refreshments, which means that you can make a day of it.

6. Salsa on the Square

Occurring every Thursday night from 7 pm-10 pm through the summertime, dinner courses in Fountain Square are a terrific way to let some steam off, find something new, and have a fantastic time in the summertime. Professional salsa dancers take around ten volunteers on stage to show the steps before an audience, using a massive display casting their pictures so the people can follow along with

7. Krohn Conservatory

Constructed in 1933, this magnificent Art Deco conservatory is home to over 3,000 plant species from all over the world. Ensure that you make time to observe that the Rainforest Waterfall and the Orchid home for stunning beauty and a show for all of the senses.

8. Stanbery Park

The maintained park is a hidden jewel in Cincinnati. The quiet woods are fantastic for hiking, walking, or through the dog. Ramblers can delight in the sound of birds and waterfalls, in addition to the sights of this natural blue clay from the flows, as well as the ever-present leaves which coat the earth. The playground offers much-needed respite in town.

9. Paul Brown Stadium

The arena is the home place of the Cincinnati Bengals, a group from the National Football League. It may squeeze into 65,535 people, and the chairs are remarkably comfy. Food vendors are usually very friendly, and the baths are kept clean. Bengals fans can testify to how the home audience always has a fantastic time in the Bengals games.

10. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center


The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center supplies Cincinnati residents having a fantastic opportunity to research their nation’s history. Cincinnati was an important town to the slaves, together with a number crossing the Ohio River in the slave state of Kentucky to find independence in Cincinnati. The center is an interactive museum that provides a fuller representation of the Underground Railroad through its movie and multimedia displays, in addition to artifacts.

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